Stage Display Screen

Stage Display Screen Introduction

This led display screen is suitable for the television studio and digital stage background used, it can show virtual images and color effects. In the field of art stage designing, the product performs outstanding artistic charm with its unique feature of permeability, lightness and thinness. It is easy to install and remove, and has the price of the screen is much lower than the other video led display, so it is suitable for large area landscaping with vivid performance. It creates an impress array of audio and visual effects.

The applications of the background led display include:

1. High-grade entertainment

2. Large-scale song and dance soiree

3. Fashion conference

4. Outdoor advertising

5. Building wall decorations etc.

Stage Display Screen advantage

1. Stage LED screen can be used for the living broadcast.No matter where you sit,you can have a good feel of the meeting.

2. Close-up shoot combine with the scene background,which made you intoxicate.

3. Good audio and video effect would leave you a great memory.


The common used indoor SMD 3528 3 in 1 background led display has P12.5mm, P15.625mm, P16mm, P18.75mm, and P20mm.

The common used indoor DIP background led display has P31.25mm and P37.5mm.