Stadium Display Screen

Multi-functional modern stadium, not only can be used to hold all kinds of sports, but also can be used for all kinds of large-scale cultural activities. So for the screen display content requirements can be summarized as rich, diverse and real-time. With the continuous development of LED display application technology, LED display has become a modern stadium necessary supporting facilities. WAHLL with rich experience, first-class technology, perfect service, provide complete and reliable LED display sports application solutions.

Stadium Display Screen Function

1, Stadium LED screen can broadcast the advertising during the rest time,more attractive for the audience in the sports
2, It can show the information for the palyer and live game no matter where the audience is.
3, It would connect with the referee system,score board system,the audience can know the time and score clearly.
4, The playback of the match would help the referee make the penalty,it ensure the fair of the match.
5, It bring the audience a viewing enjoyment by the playback,close-up shot.

Stadium Display Screen Characteristic

1, Stadium LED display have the brightness sense control system,it can be adjustment according to the brightness of environment,it can save the cost of the operation,and make audience more comfortable with the suitable brightness
2, A variety of input methods of compatibility technical requirements: stadium LED display not only can real-time live, true color by the camera can also be broadcast TV and satellite TV, VCD, DVD, LD, and a variety of homemade video signal shows, support PAL, NTSC, etc, and display content can also be a variety of graphic information on the computer, come from inside the stadium information network or public information network of all kinds of information; With text information superimposed on the TV screen, can also be outside the video image overlay text, images, animation, and other functions; In art performance, large gatherings played suitable background image, etc.
3, A variety of broadcast  ways of technical requirements: on the one hand, can be used to broadcast live video images, press release, can be important notices, signs, according to the display screen can display text, graphics, images, animation, etc; Has also played around different proportions of picture and text features. On the other hand must have scroll, rotation, translation, wipe, pull screen, single/multiple line translation, single/multiple line up/down, left/right, up/down, flip, move, rotate, narrow, amplification, flicker, open the window, and other functions, in order to hold large international sporting events and activities, to compatible display of national language, such as Chinese, English, digital display and all kinds of text, and there is a variety of fonts font choices, text can be stepless zoom.
4, Dual network functions, it can use two computers to control a screen at the same time, when a computer problem, another computer automatically takes over to ensure that the display work properly;
5, IP65 waterproof protection: dust-proof, waterproof, anti-vibration, without fear of harsh rain weather, stadium LED display can be assured to use in outdoor environments.

Stadium Display Screen Solution

stadium led display accessory

stadium led display accessory

Stadium Display Screen Products

LED Display Full Color Outdoor

LED Display Full Color Indoor

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