led curtains Flexible P31

LED Curtains Flexible Indoor

LED Curtains Flexible P31




Long lifespan.

Easily installation.

Pure color.

Product Description

LED Curtains Flexible

Safety. Using the low voltage DC so that no matter the elderly and children can safely operate without a potential safety hazard.

Softness. Using PCB as the substrate and can apply to various advertising model requirements.

Long lifespan. The normal operating time is 50,000 hours.

Energy conservation and environmental friendly. Using environmental materials and low power (0.04W-0.08W) so that cannot result in waste and pollution.

Easily installation. Using attaching clamp, wire casing, iron wire, iron net and can install on all kinds of undertaking surface. It can also be installed by the double-sided adhesive because of the lightweight.

Pure color. Using the high bright SMT and the color is pure, downy and no glare.


LED Curtains Flexible Advantages

Stable performance, wide applicability, high brightness, high protection grade.

1.High temperature resistant and aging resistant PC materials are applied in the modules to get rid of the mosaic problem even after long time use.

2.High brightness enables longer viewing distance and ensures the spectators far from the screen can still enjoy what is shown, even under direct sunlight.

3.The cabinets, featuring great moisture and corrosion proofing, enable themselves to work in all weather conditions.

LED Curtains Flexible Function

1.Video Broadcast Functions

2. Information dissemination functions

3. Network functions


LED Curtains Flexible Applications

Commercial advertising: Square, Road side, High way, Airport, Wharf, Hotel, Restaurant etc.

Live broadcast: Gym, Stadium, Concert, Sport Match, Competition, Gov publication etc.

Rental business: Entertainment, Wedding, Party etc.


LED Curtains Flexible Specification

Indoor Application
TECHNICAL PARAMETER P10 P15.625 P20 P20 P31.25
Brightness >2000 CD/m² >2000CD/m² >1800 CD/m² >3000CD/m² >2000CD/m²
Colour temperature 6500 deg.k 6500 deg.k 6500 deg.k 6500 deg.k 6500 deg.k
Pixel Pitch 10mm 15.625mm 20mm 20mm 31.25mm
Pixel matrix per panel 32*128 16*64 16*64 16*64 8*32
Module size 320*1280mm 250*1000mm 320x1280mm 320x1280mm 250x1000mm
Pixel Density 10000 dots/m² 4096 dots/m² 2500 dots/m² 2500 dots/m² 1024 dots/m²
LED encapsulation method SMD3528 SMD3528 SMD3528 SMD5050 SMD5050
Net Weight <  kg/m² <   kg/m² <   kg/m² <    kg/m² <   kg/m²
Ingress protection IP52 IP52 IP52 IP52 IP52
Minimum viewing distance 12m 19m 25m 25m 39m
Viewing angle 110°/ 60° 110°/ 60° 110°/ 60° 110°/ 60° 110°/ 60°
Frames change frecuency >60Hz/s >60Hz/s >60Hz/s >60Hz/s >60Hz/s
Refresh rate >2000Hz >2000Hz >2000 Hz >2000 Hz >2000 Hz
Module input power (max) 536 W/m² 878 W/m² 705 W/m² 705 W/m² 340W/m²
Module input power (typical) 442 W/m² 723 W/m² 580 W/m² 580 W/m² 280W/m²
Constant drive 1/ 8 scan 1/ 2   scan static constant current
Working temperature -40~55 °C
Working voltage 220V/110V+/-15%
Grey scale / color 16.7M(Synchronized)
Brightness adjustment Manual: R,G,B 256 level each, Automatical:
Processing depth 14 bits
Panel system type Colorlight or Linsn
Input voltage 110-240 V
Input power frequency 50/60 HZ
Panel input format PAL/NTSC
Input signal RF, S-Video, RGB RGBHV, YUV, YC composition
Control system PCTV controller card+DVI card display+main controller+optical fiber transmission (optional)
Non-failure time average Above 50,000 hours
Lifespan Above 500,00 hours
Malfunction dot rate below 0.0001
Operating system Windows 98/XP/2000
Data de Interconnection Ethernet Cable or optical fiber
Rigging system fixed or mobile


led curtains Flexible P31

led curtains Flexible P31


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